It is easy being ‘green’, I love natural beauty products.

Today I want to share with you my recent natural beauty finds. While Pinterest is a daily inspiration to us all or at least to me these days……Nowadays I use these pure and simple products on a daily basis, and must say I like them a lot! Great side benefit of these product they are multi usable and not expensive at all. You can purchase these products in the most Indonesian shops (toko’s which they call them in Holland), or of course you can buy them online…

natural beauty products

My daily natural beauty products

#1 Baking Soda

Baking Soda isn’t a common product in Holland as it is in the US. On Pinterest you can find loads of everyday uses for it. I’m not going to write a post with all these tips but one of them in particular stand out to me and a while a go. And what did I do, yes you’re guessing it right, I started using it and now I’m a big fan. I have to admit maybe it sounds a bit strange but I started to wash my hair with a mixture of baking soda and water. Just google baking soda shampoo and you will find quite a few blogs about this topic. This is the baking soda I use and a great Dutch website which you can buy this for a reasonable price. And of course amazon offers a lot of different brands of baking soda.

baking soda

Baking Soda by Arm & Hammer

I’m doing this for about six months now and my hair has become a lot fuller and isn’t that lifeless anymore (it’s still hair so it’s pretty ‘dead’ but hopefully you know what I mean.) Also my hair feels firmer, has a nice glow and became healthier. One time I washed my hair with regular shampoo again (I was already under the shower and forgot my baking soda mixture….) and afterwards my hair was really limp and hard to style my hair the right way. That was the last time I used regular shampoo and nowadays I won’t use anything else then my baking soda shampoo! You should (according to the posts) rinse with apple vinegar and once in a while put some oil in your hair to nourish it because baking soda can dry out the hair a bit. This brings me to my second natural beauty product…..

#2 Castor Oil

At first I bought this oil to nourish my hair but meanwhile I became a bigger fan of it and started using it for my skin too. Castor oil has a really nice thick structure and isn’t greasy at all (I know this sounds a bit strange for an oil..). Castor oil is made from the fruits of the gourd (castor-oil plant) and you just have to use a few drops of it.

Because I have fairly dry skin I started to put on my face in the morning after washing. It really nourishes it, my face feels soft real quick and the oil has absorbed before you know it. Also I use it to put on my hands an nails once in a while, this I do before I go to sleep as you can read in my recent post ‘some home-pro nail caring tips’. So I just love this rich, thick and multifunctional castor oil these days! US readers, Amazon offers quite a few..

organic face oil

Pure Castor oil and Organic Coconut oil

#3 Coconut Oil

Last but not least just a great multi usable home product is organic Coconut Oil! I bought it a while ago in our local Indonesian shop. My hubby started to use it on his bread for a while and sometimes we fry our meat of chicken in it. Later on I read that is also a ideal beauty product so I started using it for my skin too (what harm could it do….). Nowadays I use the coconut oil to take of my make-up in the evening and it comes of really easily and is real soft to the skin. Even waterproof eye makeup comes of in a few seconds. The jar is so big it will last for quite some time, and there is one in our bathroom and kitchen these days. Also you can use it as a lip balm or to nurse poor and sore skin. And again Amazon is a great place to shop online for this too.

The brush in the pictures I bought in the KIKO store in Italy last year on holiday. I real treasury too and must admit I didn’t only buy this brush. They are well known for there fine and extreme soft brushes. If you visit Italy one day put the KIKO shop on your to do list! And for the Dutch women the best news is, the first shops in Holland opened there doors a while ago and also they have a online version!

This post contains some afiliate links. When you have any questions about this or other posts of mine please let me know!

It IS Easy Being Green!


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