Vintage music, great home decor!

Some years ago during a removal we found some old records we just couln’t throw away. These old records and it’s outstanding covers inspired us to display them on our dining room wall. So my hubby put some plain wooden slats up the wall which fit the records perfectly. We made a square of 3 by 3 longplay records with some space in between. With this we made are own unique record wall-showcasing!

Vintage record collection becomes wall decor



When we found the records we had nothing to play and listen them. So this inspired me to buy a record player. I bought a brand new one as a aniversary gift, it has a little speaker inside and even has a stereo connection. I must say the record player was a great gift we still use it regularly. We put on a record with friends who see a great cover on the wall and just are curious to play the record. Even more often our kids play a record. At first they didn’t have a clue what a longplay record was because playing music for them was just tapping play on Spotify. Nowadays they sometimes put on an old record and they dance around the living room, it really brings an extra cheer to our home and I love these relaxing and fun family moments….!

Retro style turn table with built in speaker

When I go on my vintage searches in the weekends I sometimes get (pre-)orders by my dear family members to search for certain records. And must say our record collection is still expanding. I personally search LP’s mainly by it’s cover for showcasing on our wall. I alter the setting of the record covers regularly. For example I vary by season like putting in Christmas records or in Summer you will find ‘beachy’ and bright colored or floral covers on our wall.

Tom Dixon Beat Lights, real eye-candy and already a designer classic!


This post contains affiliate links to make your search on the web a little easier.

Record Player: Dutch readers click here / US readers click here

*Note: The lamps in the pic are so called ‘Beat Lights’ a design by Tom Dixon. Adding some real designer items in your interior I think is really worth the investment. I still (after several years now) love these lamps they just finish our dining area and are timeless by it’s design.

Tom Dixon lamps: Dutch readers click here / US readers click here


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